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I contacted and met with several realtors approximately 2 weeks prior to the Covid shutdown.

I was leaning towards another realtor based on a referral. However, once the covid shutdown occurred, I did not hear from the other realtors. However, Lori was consistent. She contacted me regularly just to inquire if I, along with my family, were okay as well as keeping me abreast of the market. I still was hesitant to sign with her. I contacted the agent referred to me and asked for the comps. I follow the market and realized the agent low balled me and just wanted a quick sale. I then contacted another agent referred to me and I told her the price I was looking to obtain and that if I could not get it, that i would just continue renting it out. She then said that we would not be a good fit for one another. While at a crossroad, faithful Lori called to inform me the housing market was hot in the midst of the Covid pandemic. I said to her to come show me the sales and she agreed to do just that. We met, she showed me what had recently sold, I told her the price I was looking for, and based on what had sold she said it was a very reasonable request for a quick sale. I then immediately signed the paperwork. THE HOUSE SOLD WITHIN THE FIRST 3 DAYS IT HIT THE MARKET FOR FULL PRICE AND I ALSO RECEIVED A BACKUP OFFER WITHIN THAT SAME PERIOD ALSO FOR FULL PRICE. In sum and substance, Lori was consistent from the onset through the closing. She kept me abreast at every step. She allowed me to have input in the write up of the property. I feel many realtors do not emphasize the attributes of your property, so the viewer’s interest is not peaked. I really appreciate her incorporating my input. Moreover, she was very quick responding to any question and to disseminating the paperwork to me as well as my attorney. More importantly, she kept her finger on the pulse by staying informed and gauging the market correctly. I was very apprehensive, but, Lori exceeded my expectations. I am grateful, thoroughly enjoyed the experience, will always think fondly of her professionalism, and HIGHLY RECOMMEND her.


Joel found the perfect house for me only needed to tell him what I wanted and he found it.

None of the other agents listened no need to look at house after house. Thanks again Joel you made buying a new home so fast and easy.

Debra S.

Krista is tenacious when you give her the go ahead to find you a home.

You won’t find a realtor that works harder fir you during your home search.

Justin Whitfield

Rating: 5 Stars About the experience: We had a wonderful experience- everything was made very easy he was patient and explained the process to us kept us on track and helped out more than we expected!

He was wonderful! What made company stand out: He helped us clean our house when we fell behind moving out! About closing attorney: They were great and very flexible and helped work us in despite our crazy schedules!

Jese Mackenzie

Joel is honest, direct, and has a great knowledge base of real estate.

Rodney Willoughby

Rating: 5 Stars About the experience: Awesome, very involved and helpful What made company stand out: Advertising About closing attorney: N/A

Alisha Giddens

Kathleen provided us with UNPARALLELED customer service as if we were her only client, which we certainly were not!

We needed to get our estate property in Suffolk listed over a holiday weekend and sold fast. Kathleen and her team at Chantel Ray were on it, getting the property listed within 3 More Kathleen provided us with UNPARALLELED customer service as if we were her only client, which we certainly were not! We needed to get our estate property in Suffolk listed over a holiday weekend and sold fast. Kathleen and her team at Chantel Ray were on it, getting the property listed within 3 days with a perfect marketing description/campaign, and excellent exterior, interior, and neighborhood context photos. She communicated with us every step of the way, represented us professionally with buyers' agents, and worked through challenging situations that arose through to the closing date. Our home sold within 3 months due to her incredible diligence, professionalism, and expertise. We were so pleased and couldn't have done this without her. We so highly recommend Kathleen and Chantel Ray. -

11/25/2017 - jeryl

From the onset, Kathleen made us feel like selling our home was important to her personally rather than just as a business transaction.

Throughout our process, Kathleen maintained constant communication and always responded in a timely manner. In fact, there were many times that Kathleen would respond to a question or an issue before we could walk away from our computers/phones. When it looked the darkest, Kathleen encouraged us spiritually to keep the faith and to continue to trust God! Her attention to detail is paramount, and her protection of her clients' interests and concerns is like none other. I would highly recommend Kathleen to represent any of my friends requiring the real estate services that she provides. She is an exemplary depiction of what every realtor should strive to be!

04/07/2017 - dawn

Rating: 5 Stars About the experience: Absolutely amazing!

I was going through a lot and they made everything so easy!! What made company stand out: The amazing service and available to answer questions

Courtney Birchett

Krista embraces her art of real estate and shares that with your clients, an amazing Realtor!

Damian Forrester

Good day to those reading, I'll try to be brief.

Tiffany sold us our home back in April. We came down in February and when I tell you Tiffany has been a blessing ever since, please believe me! I mentioned in my last review that Tiffany was no longer just my realtor but now she's basically part of our family and a friend! What I'm trying to say is how often does one get a two for one deal? She sales us a home and then opens up here mind and heart to decorate it as well! One day Tiffany stopped by, this is just the background story of it. She was just stopping by to say hello. I ended up giving here a tour of the house as it was then and that's when the magic happened! We were standing in the master bedroom and she just casually started to name things to add to brighten up the place. The conversation was warm and welcoming of course. She gave her insight and didn't dictate the changes. She simply spoke with boldness of what she knew and I believed every word! Ironically I was having a house warming in about two weeks from the start of this decorating. Please understand how sensitive time was. I went to the store with her once and I'm thankful for that moment. Once in the store she seems to enter a different dimension. She literally goes down every aisle. She takes her time and pulls it all together! It's fascinating to watch because you see all the things that are being purchased, however, with no background in decorating, I didnt see the clear picture. So let's just fast forward a bit to the house warming and our home being a Masterpiece! I had some decorations already so she vibed off those items. Please understand that it is hard to work behind someone else! She didnt start from scratch people, she amplified what we had! I'm not sure if that's the word I want to use. However, she's brilliant! Our decorations are simple, less was more for us. She understood that dramatic decorations weren't my thing. She understood that the house had to reflect that a husband and wife lived there. She understood that one bathroom was for my daughters but also for visiting guest. She understood our budget. She understood that at the end of the day, this mom of two (myself) deserved to have a picture perfect home. She made this little ol' house feel complete. Now it's definitely a home! My folks are in DC and I Virginia. Word traveled how amazing the house looked! Bottom line folks, she gets it! She got it! Would I change anything that she's done thus far? Nope! She's good at what she does. Somethings are about trust. I trusted her with my entire house, a budget, free will and she did not disappoint! To add on to that, I organized so much within that week of decorating. You have to declutter to bring in the new. This is from me. It's a must! Be open and honest to what it is you want and watch it all unfold. Definitely grateful to have been given Tiffany's number from a Veteran in Florida, while I lived in Georgia and we were in transition to move to Virginia. The details are what makes it such a blessing to ever have met Tiffany. Again, I'm beyond grateful! I'm sure I'll be back again with another review, she's worth every word!

Ivory W.

When our mother passed away this spring, my sisters and I were sad to have to sell her home, but what we really dreaded was having to do it from hundreds of miles away in the middle of a pandemic.

Thank goodness we found Michelle! Michelle Jones is not only a top notch agent, she's also a genuinely wonderful person. She was incredibly professional, personable, responsive, thoughtful, warm, and funny. She went so far above and beyond what one usually expects of a real estate agent that we will never be able to thank her enough. On top of all that, she found us a buyer within a few days of listing and closed the deal within six weeks. If you're looking for an off-the-charts awesome agent, Michelle is the one for you.

Janet Clark

Always go above and beyond!

Best realtors I've ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with! Highly recommend.

Dan Burkey

Rating: 5 Stars About the experience: Great experience.

Home was sold quickly. Tony and his wife handled everything for me and kept everything on track. What made company stand out: Felt that I was always a priority. Always stood by my decisions and guided me along the way. About closing attorney: Closing attorney was awesome. Made sure everything was correct and made the entire Process easy to understand

Lisa Franz

Your compassion.

Your ability to calm in anxious/stressful situations. You put your clients first not your paycheck

Ashley B.

We are very fortunate and grateful to have found such a wonderful agent to guide us on our home buying journey.

Upon our first meeting Kathleen was always very professional, honest, understanding, knowledgeable and personable. We met with her only one day after having relocated to Virginia Beach. After our first meeting we knew she was perfect for us! She guided us through the entire process from beginning to end without fail. She was always available to us no matter the time or day. Naturally home buying can be stressful at times, but Kathleen always reassured me not to worry and that she was there to take care of everything for us! Her negotiation skills are unbeatable hence getting us the best deal possible!!! We couldn't have asked for a better outcome! We are proud first time home owners thanks to her! We cannot wait to work with her when its time to sell!!

08/17/2019 - zuser201801

Tiffany was amazing to work with and made the home buying process so smooth for us.

She's very knowledgeable and professional but also made us feel like family. She put our needs first always and helped us close on our dream home despite everything going on currently. We also loved that she is retired military!! 10/10 would recommend her for first time and seasoned homebuyers in the Hampton Roads area.

Chyna M.

First off Kathleen's attitude and approach on everything was always positive and full of energy.

She was very professional, knowledgeable, and super helpful with everything. it was a good feeling when we went to see a house because she was inspecting the home as well. she has been in the business for a long time and knows these homes in the area and what to look for. me and my wife have random work schedules and it was seeming to be difficult to find someone that could work with us. Kathleen worked extremely hard and many late evenings to get us into homes to see wknds and week work days. once we found the home we wanted Kathleen put hours of effort, time, and literally money because she paid for us to get a re-inspection on the home. it was super nice of her. she wanted us to make a good choice and wanted to make sure our new home was perfect. The team she put together for us with Chantel Ray was awesome too. Lenders were so easy to talk to and helpful. always available weather phone or email. Me and the family really appreciate everything you have done for us. it meant so much. IF YOUR LOOKING FOR THE BEST AGENT IN HAMPTON ROADS CALL KATHLEEN CHILTON YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED.

09/03/2018 - user2014092

The knowledge that Kathleen holds is completely invaluable!

She is an amazing resource, whether it involves buying, selling, investing, you name it! I highly recommend her for not only anyone looking to buy or sell, but other agents should you want to see what an A-grade agent truly is!

02/13/2019 Carol

Rating: 5 Stars About the experience: Excellent.

What made company stand out: Provided upfront details and provided feedback throughout the process. About closing attorney: None

Richard Escamilla

Kathleen Chilton spent the time to assess my personal situation and helped me navigate through the market to find the perfect deal for my individual situation.

She brought her knowledge and experience to the table which reassured me that I was obtaining the best deal possible. She immediately responds to texts, emails, and phone calls. She always clarifies the details in a timely manner. The warranty that was provided while my house was on the market was a great benefit.

05/17/2019 - Gloria

Kristen did a wonderful job selling our home.

She went above and beyond the call of duty. She checked on our house when we were out of town and watered our plants. She managed to get a landscaper to come before the agent tours and showings. She had great ideas to wow potential buyers. Kristen kept us informed of all the steps, all the way through closing there was constant communication. How lucky can you be to have a lawyer guiding your closing! We could not have been happier with the outcome. We look forward to using Kristen again.

Gus Nicoll

Call her.

Don't use any other agent. #Period In short, she was always on my side working to make my house purchase as simple and successful as possible. The best part about working with Tiffany was that she was always more focused on answering my questions, giving me good advice, and finding homes that met my needs than she was on closing a deal. I would recommend her to anyone.

Erica J.

About the experience: Very Helpful, considerate, willing to listen and assist with finding home to fit our budget What made company stand out: dedication


209 Darden Dr.

Everything was very positive, Kelly was upfront with all needed information and was very good at his guidance going forward April 27th, 2021


Kathleen helped us find the perfect home!

Her experience and positive attitude took a lot of stress out of the process. We're not easy clients and searched for over six months to find our current home. She stayed with us the whole time, even after changing our minds a few times about what we were looking for. When it came time to offer, negotiate, and close she provided priceless tips and knowledge. I have peace of mind knowing I got the best deal on the best house for me :)

03/21/2020 - Trevor

Solid agent who pays attention to the details and takes care of the client!

George H.

Kathleen was AMAZING!

!!! We met and settled on an asking price, she gave tips on what to change/how to stage the house....2weeks later we put the house on the market...2 months later we closed on a full asking price offer. Her attention, dedication, and smart business sense blew me away. I wouldn't want to work with anyone else.

3/30/2017 - mamastron

Tiffany is not only the realtor you need but the realtor you deserve!

Referred by a friend, from day one she felt more of a friend rather than one of the pesky people who just want to sell you a house and get on with it. She's there for you and no one else, working any hour of the day or week, she was all business in a way you respected. What other realtor would work the way she did? No one, not only that, but since we were living out of town she went out of her way to face time and send videos of houses that we would like (I don't know anyone who would do that). She really made us feel more like family rather than clients and it's something you want to have with such a huge investment. Always keeping us up to date on current market rates and finding the best location, I would recommend Tiffany to anyone and everyone I know who are in the market of buying or renting. Her and Chantel Ray are a company you would love to do business with. Thanks to her and the team, we are happy and proud homeowners!

John S.

Jim and Cindy Hailey are the BEST!

They were attentive to every detail of our home shopping. The process was seamless; we were always informed in a timely manner; they listened to our needs and desires; they went the extra mile above and beyond expectation! November 22nd, 2021 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Ron and Betsy Bishop

Michelle Jones did a fantastic job preparing my aunt’s home for sale.

She is extremely responsive and very hard-working. The house sold so quickly that I couldn’t believe it. She went above and beyond to find professionals to help me with an estate sale and repairs. She managed all of this for me while I was out of state. Michelle Jones is the reason I chose Chantel Ray. I trust her and she speaks highly of the company.

Stacy Ebron

Always awesome to work with!

Dan Burkey

When it came to home buying Tiffany made it sooo easy and guided me through the process.

I knew i wanted her to be my realtor. She was very informative and listen to my needs and wants in the home buying process. She was able to get me exactly what i was looking for. If you are looking into buying in these crazy market please please call Tiffany Thomas with Canzell! She will make sure you get exactly what you want to call your Home! TOP TIER!!!! The best in VA!

Morgan P.

Kathleen was awesome she was very attentive to what our needs were and the very first home Kathleen showed was the one my wife fell in love with and had it decorated in her mind.

.. If we were to purchase another Kathleen's our agent...

04/07/2017 - wcvgri

This is our 2nd home listed and sold with Josh and Sarah for TOP DOLLAR RIGHT AWAY!

They went above and beyond to ensure we received multiple offers right out of the gate on our 1st day listed. They make the process easy, set you up for success, and keep you focused on the big picture! They always have our best interests as a top priority and we can’t thank them enough for taking care of us like family!


The Whitfields went through the ringer with us to get us into our desired home!

There were many complications on the seller's side that no one could have fully predicted, but they kept us fully informed through the process and found some creative solutions to overcome hurdles as our closing date kept getting pushed back. Strength, grit, mastery, and professionalism: if those sound like qualities you want in your real estate agents (two is better than one!), then you would be hard pressed to find a more capable team to help you navigate the Greater Billings real estate market!

Sean & Margaret Kirby

Krista and Justin exceeded all expectations!

We would not have been able to complete the deal without their assistance and dedication. I highly recommend you consider them for all of you Real Estate needs Tony


Rating: 4 Stars About the experience: Tony was knowledgeable and patient through my first experience buying a home.

He promptly responded to all questions throughout the process. Highly recommend! What made company stand out: They were always our first and only choice. About closing attorney: Very impressed.

James Martin

Rating: 4 Stars About the experience: Very helpful.

Went above and beyond. What made company stand out: Kept in close contact. About closing attorney: no

Mitzi Allen

Tiffany is such an amazing person, the kindness and dedication that she showed us throughout the entire process was truly amazing.

She insured that my husband and I were comfortable with every aspect of buying our first home, from beginning to end and we are so grateful. If you're looking for a professional, knowledgable, communicative, honest and bright spirited relator, look no further!

Alliana S.

Still can’t believe it!

A week ago today, I officially joined the Homeowners Club! A goal I made for myself turning 30 last year was that before I hit 31 in April of this year, I would be a homeowner. There were offers that got rejected, almost settling for a home I really didn’t see for myself and was close to giving up. But God told me don’t give up and next thing I know, I found the perfect home! Thank you to my friend and incredible realtor CJ Miller for being there every step of the way 🙌🏾🏠

Reggie Doc Scott

Joel did everything possible to help me find my first home.

I wanted a place safe for my children, move in ready, and working with a limited budget for closing costs. We have viewed over 30 homes and with each home, Joel was happy to greet me. He didn't seem irritated or anything. Even when I was getting frustrated and ready to call it quits, he just said okay keep me in mind for your home purchase. He wasn't pushing me to continue to look or giving guilt trips or anything. He did ask if there was anything he could do that he wasn't already doing. He was absolutely wonderful. He was patient with my younger children, made conversation with them, and even made them feel welcome. He is a wonderful human being and I am so blessed that I was able to find a home using his services! I would highly recommend Joel to my closest friends, family, and co-workers!

Tasha Garcia

Tiffany was amazing throughout the whole process.

This was my first home I purchased And I was overseas for majority of the process. She was extremely patient, transparent, and kind throughout the whole thing. She made sure I knew each and every process in detail before I went through it. This really helped ease my anxiety. Her attention to detail and my needs were immaculate! She even took time out of her day to checked on me even after I closed on my home. Above and beyond customer service! HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER SERVICES!

Zahrina H.

Kathleen Chilton, of Chantel Ray Real Estate, was wonderful to work with in selling my condo.

She provided great recommendations on what I needed to do to prepare my condo to put it on the market. Kathleen brought in a fabulous photographer, which made my property appealing to potential buyers. My condo went on the market and the very next day I had an offer, which I accepted. Kathleen was easy to work, always positive, and quickly responded to my calls, e-mails, and questions. She advised me every step of the way on what to expect and went over all the paperwork with me. Kathleen was friendly and professional and made selling my condo a stress free and pleasant experience. Her attention to detail in making sure all the paperwork was completed was greatly appreciated as we were able to close in about a month. Thank you Kathleen for all you did. I will definitely contact you when I am ready to buy another home. I would highly recommend Kathleen Chilton, of Chantel Ray Real Estate, for buying or selling your next home.

Jo-Ann 06/15/2020

Rating: 5 Stars About the experience: Tony and Sarah was amazing from the beginning.

They were professional from day one. I gave them a challenge and they took it on and beat it. What made company stand out: No task was too big or too small. They meet every challenge. About closing attorney: N/A

Sam Brown

Tiffany Thomas has been the most outstanding realtor I've ever worked with!

Her work ethics are so strong and desirous that you wouldn't even realize that being a realtor was a job; she makes you feel like family (you'd like to be around)! After looking for a home over 2 years, Tiffany was the 4th real estate agent we decided to work with. I told her about my past experience, and the lack of help I've received from other realtors and she ensured me that we would close before my pre-approval letter expired. She was right! Tiffany went above and beyond to make certain the home we were going to invest our lives and money into was in the location we wanted to be in. She went out of her way after our appointment showing times to show us other homes in the area if we weren't interested in other homes we've already seen. She made sure to pull up all extra costs prior to showing (HOA/POA/Etc.) to make sure we weren't jumping into something we would not be happy investing into. Even after numerous set backs (on our part), she was patient, positive, and professional throughout our entire process. Her communication level is astounding; her responses to e-mails, texts, and phone calls are also without delay. I would definitely recommend Tiffany as a real estate agent with no hesitation. Thank you for EVERYTHING!

Sheila S.

Doug helped me as a young adult from Texas not having a clue about Virginia whatsoever.

He helped me figure things out and get me into my first place to call home. He is very knowledgeable about real estate and extremely professional. He never pressured me into what I didn't want or need. He also gave good advice about anything and answered at the drop of a hat when I had any questions, or needed help with something. He still answers after the sale of the house when I need help with anything. If you aren't sure on who to trust or struggling on who to pick, I truly recommend him. I couldn't be any happier. Thank you Doug!!

Allison Rogers

How would you rate your sales associate on professional image.

Excellent How would you rate our sales associate on Professional Knowledge? Excellent Please tell us about your experience. Michelle was on top of everything from start to finish. Everything we needed, she was there and she was great about getting ahead of everything to keep us on schedule. She was knowledgable and willing to do anything we needed her to do. Give 1 example you had that made our company stand out from the others. Did not work with other companies. I spoke with one other company and felt they were not being honest. Michelle was honest from day 1.

Charles Gallagher

Tiffany Thomas was an exceptional realtor.

She worked with me on my timeline and was patient with me regarding what I was looking for. In addition she was very knowledgeable in the different areas with school districts and shopping based on my lifestyle. I am grateful to have worked with her in buying my condo and highly recommended her as your agent!!

Angela H.

Justin & Krista were amazing to work with!

They were both very knowledge & not afraid to help us (even when it required extra elbow grease to get the job done)! Couldn't have asked for a better team!

Sam B

Justin and Krista went above and beyond our expectations when selling our home.

No questions were left unanswered. We would, hands-down, recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Nicole Burkey

Rating: 5 Stars About the experience: Amazing!

!! Highly Recommend!!! What made company stand out: How amazing you were with our Military Schedules and Underways. About closing attorney: Amazing!!!

Zoe Meece

Kelly was very professional and extremely knowledgeable.

He was very attentive to my needs and kept me up to date during the entire process. Kelly has a great attitude, great work ethic, and is extremely personable. I plan to recommend him to everyone I know!

Keisha R. in Hampton

Kathleen was a pleasure to work with!

As first time home buyers, there was a lot we were unfamiliar with and nervous about, but Kathleen guided us through it all with ease. She knows her craft well and is very available and responsive via phone and email, which was very helpful throughout the process. Kathleen is a consummate professional, and we would highly recommend her for your real estate needs!

12/27/2019 - zuser0150514

Our whole selling and buying process was a positive experience from the start.

We told Krista and Justin what we were looking for and they found us the perfect house for our family! I would highly recommended Krista & Justin for all of your buying & selling needs!

Tabatha V

They went above and beyond for us in a tough market!

We recommend them very highly!

April Dennis

Kathleen Chilton is the best!

! She helped my family I get into our new home and we love it! She is friendly, very professional and a go getter. Thank you Kathleen for making homebuying a smooth process. Highly recommend!!!

04/07/2017 - user39240

I contacted 3 top rated agents on yelp to help me sell my fathers house after he had passed.

After talking to each of them I selected Tiffany due to her excitement, enthusiasm and her willingness to actually meet me at the property to look it over where as neither of the other 2 agents I spoke with did. I was under the assumption we would sell "as is" to an investor type person being as his house needed a lot of work, it was December and I needed it to sell pretty quickly. After meeting her and we walked the property, she convinced me to list it for top dollar for a couple weeks and we could adjust the price as needed. Well it didn't even take a couple weeks before we had a solid offer. The buyers and I settled on a price just below list price! As I said before the house needed some work, but after the home inspection Tiffany took care of lining up all the contractors needed to do the work, and all of them were paid out of closing. No out of pocket expenses! We had a few hiccups with the house that came up along the way but she was on top of it and worked with the buyers agent to come to a resolution, all while keeping me informed every step of the way. The level of customer service she provided was top notch and I would definitely recommend her to anyone!

Jeff L.

Krista helped my husband and I find our first house.

Not only did she go out of her way to find us the perfect home, but she made the entire experience from start to finish enjoyable! She kept us up to date with what was happening with closing but answered all of our questions without hesitation and in a way that we fully understood. I recommend her to anyone that is looking for a new home or even selling as she goes above and beyond for her clients!

Heather Carner

The house that Kristen sold for us was a rental and had a tenant in it.

We were going to wait until the end of the lease to put it on the market. We had concerns because we didn't want to disrupt the tenants life, especially over the holidays but Kristen assured us she would she would work around everyone's schedule to make sure that there were little if any disruptions and that's exactly what she did! So glad we listened and decided to list it! Two days on the market and we had a full offer! Full offer and buyer and no issues with honoring lease! We were absolutely thrilled!!! It was such an easy and smooth transition. Kristen went above and beyond and was basically hands on in every aspect. More than what's required of a Realtor. Kristen accommodated the tenant to make sure that his day to day routine had little to no interruption while we went thru the whole process. Communication was a key factor and I blew up her phone with numerous questions and concerns and Kristen responded if not immediately but within the hour every time. We can't say enough great things about Kristen highly recommend her whether you're selling or buying a property. Source:

Donnatella Burnett

Joel Canepa was amazing from day 1 and always went above and beyond for us in buying our new home.

Tiffany Barnes & Kevin Trout

A pure soul who puts her whole heart and name on the line to ensure everyone around her is taken care of.

Definitely dependable and the first to step up and take initiative. Perfect for any task she puts her mind to and focused on make it perfect, with ease.

Marisa C.

Rating: 5 Stars About the experience: It was a great and stress free expierance.

They were both very helpful and patient with the process. What made company stand out: Every time I called or had a question they responded instantly. About closing attorney: This did a good job as well.

Alexis Green

As a new home buyer, he walked me through the process.

He has an "even keel" personality type which was what I needed being a highly reactive personality type. He graciously assisted me with the many houses I looked at and made several suggestions as well. He has his own network of inspectors, contractors, etc that I took advantage of to my satisfaction. I worked at the Marine Corps Exchange for 30 years, so I liked the fact he was a Marine. I relied on his expertise when the process became over whelming. I highly recommend Doug to anyone in the market for a realtor, especially those first time home buyers!

Kathy Simpson

Rating: 5 Stars About the experience: When I met Sarah I mentioned to her the price point and the time frame I needed to meet to sell the house.

Sarah is an incredible woman to have in your team. She did an outstanding job with a touch of coolness that made ne feel comfortable during the whole process. I thank her from the bottom of my heart. What made company stand out: The jingle. About closing attorney: Beautiful. Easy to understand as she explained each line with surgical precision. A pleasing experience.

Rizal Dinglasan

Joel is very professional and effective.

Great communication skill, excellent customer service. He has the interest of his client at heart. I highly recommend him to anyone buying a home.

Amaka Amatokwu

The very best real estate professional I have ever worked with!

!! She sold my third home in under 24 hours on the market. In fact technically it was under 12 hours! This home sale was by far the most easy and convenient that I have ever had; she knows what she is doing and takes care of you! She is a great person, professional, and Just super awesome! You will not be disappointed in choosing her to be your real estate agent. I would choose her over any one any day.

06/11/2019 - user20180224

Rating: 5 Stars About the experience: Very knowledgeable.

.very concerned about what I wanted and expected.....most helpful thought-out the whole process.....Sarah and Tony were always very professional and friendly.... They made sure I understood what was going on at all times.....I will recommend them to all my friends and family....thanks for all your help!!!! What made company stand out: Always available when needed...made me feel good about the whole process About closing attorney: Very friendly.... knowledgeable...very helpful... explained everything in detail.


We bought our house with Kathleen and had a fantastic experience with her.

Subsequently, we chose to sell our house 8 years later with her, pending a short notice move to Japan. She made the process easy and we always trusted that she had our best interests in mind. We could not have asked for a more experienced and professional representative

10/29/2019 - burrrito

Tiffany is a trustworthy woman of integrity and honesty which is hard to come by.

She is intentional about caring for the needs of others and seeks to accomplish tasks with excellence. The humility she displays in her dealings sets her apart and her attention to detail enables her to successfully accomplish tasks. You can rest assured that you would be in good hands working with Tiffany. I would definitely recommend Tiffany to anyone looking to invest in real estate, knowing who she is and knowing what this most important financial investment entails.

Shante N.

It was a great experience!

Sandra B. in Hampton

Krista was such a joy to work with on the sale of my rental house.

She was very detailed and thorough on explaining the process of selling my property. She was very helpful with all the details of the home inspection requirements and requests. I would highly recommend her to my family, friends and anyone that would be in need of a hard working realtor.

Cindy Newmiller

Rating: 5 Stars About the experience: With this very difficult COVID-19 pandemic going on, Tony F was very flexible and creative in meeting all our needs and keeping us in the loop about things during the process of home buying.

What made company stand out: Excellent attention to what we thought we wanted to what we finally figured out what we really wanted! Originally we thought smaller house, different neighborhood but as we began seeing various houses our preferences changed and Tony picked up on that and made the adjustments eventually steering us into the perfect house! About closing attorney: Closing attorney was prompt and very professional- would certainly recommend!

Stephanie Mackenzie

Hardworking duo who are fantastic to work with!


Where do I begin?

Tiffany was truly amazing throughout our entire home buying process. Being first time homebuyers that had a bad experience with a previous real estate agent we were intimidated and discouraged about buying a house. Tiffany changed all of that the very first time we spoke. I genuinely put my trust in her with one of the most important milestones in my life. We went to one of her open houses honestly not really serious about buying a home because of our past experience, then we started talking and she broke things down for us to where I feel like I could confidently explain it to someone. Every time we had questions she was on point with her response time and the clarity of her answers. Tiffany really made us feel like we were important to her and that our needs were valued. Once she knew our budget she took over everything else and I kid you not we closed on our home in 3 weeks! Yes 3 weeks from the time we first sat down with her we were at the closing table. If you are skeptical at all about buying a house please don't be. If you do your part (which is very minimal) Tiffany has the rest! Her professionalism speaks volumes. And her work ethic and passion will speak for itself from the time she greets you with that big warm smile up until she's handing you your keys at closing!

Alexis G.

They went above and beyond to make our first time home buying so pleasant and easy!

Highly recommend!

Dani Shepherd

One word, AMAZING!

Wow, Where do I begin? Before starting the home buying process to potentially become a 1st time homebuyer, I can honestly say that I was very nervous at the thought of owning a home, but still knew it was something I truly wanted to pursue. After tirelessly, searching around for an agent, I came across Tiffany's page and it was just something about her presentation coupled with her previously awesome reviews! That alone was a feeling of connection of which I can't explain! From the first day of meeting her, to closing, she presented the spirit of someone who genuinely cares about you and your needs, is very patient, thoroughly makes sure you understand each step in the home buying process, and overall is just very knowledgeable of the profession! She is also so dependable, and a great negotiator! Not only is she right there by your side during the process, but she's still accessible for you after closing as well! I am truly happy that I was able to work with her and will definitely continue to do so in the future!

KaShawna J.

Kathleen has raised the bar high in regards to what is needed from a realtor.

She has been very reliable in the process of selling our home from out of state. Kathleen demonstrates a high level of knowledge and is quick to set things straight. She is in communication throughout the entire process and does a great job explaining all the steps. Kathleen is highly recommended. Less

05/04/2017 - dora

I had an AMAZING buying experience with CJ.

The man is personable and wants you to be YOURSELF. He has a gift of gab and knows how to work well with everybody. Real estate is definitely his calling. I’ve gotten a friend for LIFE out of the deal also. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase and my service from Canzell Realty!

Sherelle Wingate

Kristen is one of the best real estate professionals we have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Kristen was highly recommended by a family member in the business. When we contacted her we were immediately struck by her character. The fact that she is a lawyer was just icing on the top. Since this was not our first homesale we know closings can have problems. Not this time, it was smooth sailing all the way through. She did out initial walkthrough on Facetime with my wife and I. She made recommendations to paint the home inside and out, have the home professionally cleaned and spruce up the landscaping. She recommended a great painter and cleaning company and managed them directly. The first time we saw our new home she had transformed it into a show piece. We were so impressed with her every step of the way. I would highly recommend any one buying or selling in Virginia Beach to give her a call. One conversation with her and you will know you are in good hands.

Dan and Tanya Hoffman

Awesome team Hailey & Hailey… step by step walked us through the process.

There whenever I needed them! Super great folks to work with… November 18th, 2021 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Rick and Cindy Elrod

I have Bought two houses with Kathleen and she has been tremendous.

I've heard so many horror stories when dealing with other agents. Some people don't seem to grasp the seriousness of the home buying/selling experience. Extremely punctual and dropped everything to show us houses so we wouldn't miss out. Really worked hard to avoid multiple offer situations. After we were under contract her attentiveness did not fade in any way. I've always recommended her and will use her for all my real estate needs while in the Hampton Roads area. Cannot stress enough how important it is to have someone on your side and willing to work hard !!

05032016 Aaron

Doug made our home buying experience very easy.

He showed us several homes until we found the perfect home for us. We were able to close on our home on the exact date listed on the contract. Best agent ever!

Van & Linton Murray

Kathleen is an absolute wonder to work with.

Her technical savviness, professional and courteous attitude, and first-rate communication ability are paramount to her success. Do not hesitate to consider Kathleen for any of your home buying and selling needs. I am looking forward to working with Kathleen again in the future!

5/29/2019 - johnds1337

Doug is a true professional and it was a pleasure to have him as our Realtor.

We moved from a small town in South Carolina to Virginia Beach with two elementary school age boys and had no idea where to even begin. Doug's extensive knowledge of the Hampton Roads area was a resource we utilized for over four months while we decided on where to live. An added bonus, Doug's prior military service was invaluable to us as he knew exactly what our military family was going through during the PCS move and was there to assist us every step of the way. Doug will instantly earn your trust with his tireless work ethic and excellent communication skills. We couldn't of asked for anything more!

Bryan Stinger

Joel went out of his way and way beyond what most Realtors are willing to do to get me the perfect house!

Alex F

After nearly 40 years in our 4 level home, we decided it was time to move to a patio home with no steps.

  We enlisted Krista to help us find our new home and she patiently helped us investigate the market, showing us numerous homes over a year and a half search process.  With her assistance, we found just the home we wanted.  Upon completion of that purchase, we had Krista sell our old home.  We’ve never had a minute of buyer's or seller's remorse over either transaction.  Krista was always professional and upbeat.  Working with her and Justin was a pleasure. 

Stan Bayley

Kathleen is an excellent real estate agent!

I highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a house. She helped me buy my home with no problems at all. It went extremely smooth thanks to her high level of integrity and level of expertise. I will use her services for years to come.

9/01/2017 - m richard

I selected Tiffany from yelp because she had the best time-response to my first inquiry (minutes whereas others had what was convenient for them - hours and days before I would get a reply) and she actually did respond timely - I timed her.

Tiffany has been very patient and understanding of my requirements; always ensuring that I am aware of the status of my offer and what the next step will be. She answers my myriad of questions. When I am not satisfied, she doesn't try to pressure me but gives me solid advice of what to expect from the housing market in this area. I definitely made the right choice with Tiffany and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone sincerely looking to purchase property

Donna W.

Kathleen is a extremely professional real estate agent and one of the most efficient and responsive persons I have worked with in over 40 years of buying and selling real estate.

She always took my concerns about the purchase as the most important thing she was dealing with that day. Throughout the process she always acted professional and made sure I was up to date with anything that was going on. She explained every in detail until we understood everything and were happy with the outcome. If you have a real estate need she is the person you want to handle it.

03/20/2019 - jmccuis

Kathleen has been an AMAZING real estate agent.

My husband and I are so blessed that she fell into our laps. Her response time is super quick, she’s honest with everything which I greatly appreciate, and we felt as if we were the only customers she was helping out. She answered my 1,000 questions any time I had them and has truly made our first time buying a house a smooth process. She met with us around our schedule, no matter what time of day it was. I would HIGHLY recommend her and we will most certainly use her again down the road

7/13/2018 - Karen Dullas

Rating: 5 Stars About the experience: It was a wonderful experience as Sarah has been truthful on her statements, helpful, and response quickly on our inquiries What made company stand out: This is not the first time we sold house.

Our first home was sold 6 months after it was listed where this one was sold in 2 days! Chantel Ray is known for fast pace selling, that’s why we chose it! About closing attorney: Another friendly experience and factual. Good professionalism and etiquette!

Consuelo Mendoza
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"Heather was absolutely wonderful to work with. She always was available to us, answered all of our questions and we would recommend her to everyone! She is great all around! more "
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